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Learn to Lead Transformation
  • Create a Culture of Trust
    The data is clear. You can double productivity with trust in your organization. Lear how to create a cuslture where trust can trive.

  • Help People and Teams Take Ownership
    Learn how to frame the 'what' and the 'why' then step back and let people do their work.

  • Align with the Business and Customers' Business Goals
    Use a realistic business value model to align with customers. Make sure that every product and project is and remains aligned with business goals.

  • Deal Honestly with Ambiguity
    There is no certainty. How do we live with not knowing what we don't know and still prepare for delivery.

  • All About Metrics
    People do what they are measured by. So, let's make sure the metrics we use deliver on efficiency and effectiveness.

What you can expect:
  • Understand how to use the tools so you can immediately put them to use.
  • What you need and where to begin to lead the transformation of your ogranization.
  • Examples of what worked and what didn't. Real world stories of failures, how to avoil them, and successes.
  • Bring the right people together to align products and projects to deliver value to your company and your customers.
  • Learn what are "good" metrics and which are "bad" metrics. Find out what metrics will help in yoour transformation and the sustainabilty of high productive teams.
  • Help everyone deal with uncertainty and ambiguity. When to commit and when to look at options.
  • Make room in your organization for innovation for a sustainable competitive advantage.