about the authors

Pollyanna Pixton
Collaborative Leadership
Co-Founder, Accelinnova

An international collaborative leadership expert, Pollyanna Pixton developed the models for collaboration and collaborative leadership through her thirty-eight years of working inside and consulting with corporations and organizations. She helps companies create workplaces where talent and innovation are unleashed-making them more productive, efficient, and profitable.

Ms. Pixton was primarily responsible for building the Swiss Electronic Stock Exchange, developing sophisticated control systems for electrical power-plants throughout the world, and converting complex technologies and data systems to merge large financial institutions.

Pollyanna is a founding partner of Accelinnova, president of Evolutionary Systems, and director of the Institute for Collaborative Leadership.

Paul Gibson
Product Development
Senior Consultant, Accelinnova

Paul is a vastly experienced software development manager with extensive experience in product development in IBM for over 30 years. During that time he held significant development and product revenue responsibilities approaching $1B per annum. Since retiring from IBM Paul now works as a consultant with several large companies in the areas of development effectiveness and quality assurance.

Paul is passionate about improving Software Development effectiveness believing that this can both improve the business value delivered and also provide high levels of motivation and reward to team members. From 2006 until his retirement from IBM in 2009, he helped lead, guide, train and transform IBM Software Development teams worldwide in collaborative, agile and lean approaches to improving both product quality and business value delivered.

Niel Nickolaisen
"Turn Around" Executive
Co-Founder, Accelinnova

Niel is an experienced, innovative leader with the proven ability to achieve dramatic improvements in personnel and processes such as reducing ERP implementation costs by almost 50%, reducing IT costs while adding new services. He has proven ability to increase the capability of IT departments, improving information systems reliability from less than 90% to more than 99%. Niel has more than 25 years experience in the rapid/adaptive selection, implementation, and deployment of enterprise business applications, analysis tools, and systems.

Niel is the chief technology officer at OC Tanner - the leading provider of innovative cloud-based software, awards, education, and recognition solutions for more than 8,000 companies worldwide. He has held technology executive and operations executive positions; typically in turnaround roles. His strategic and tactical alignment model significantly improves returns on technology and business initiatives.