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From the Introduction
"Since we find most cultures in Command and Control, if we traverse the diagonal in model to the right from high control-low ownership to the high trust-high ownership state, we create a culture that maximizes delivery and innovation. The further along the diagonal your organization can move, the more successful the business is in delighting customers, delivering value early and often, and increasing revenue.

"Integrity is the foundation. Where is the integrity in telling the team they "must have all this done by this date?" when you haven't asked the team is it is even possible? Or "I want it done this way." without discussion and not considering there may be another, perhaps better, way. Setting unrealistic goals is dishonest and lacks integrity. Teams are very aware when this happens and it leads to distrust and demotivation. Without integrity, you cannot create a high trust-high ownership culture.

"However, the goals and purpose of all teams must align with the business goals of the organization. And, to be a healthy organization, you must deal honestly with ambiguity and uncertainty. With these things, we have a high performing organization, working together to provide value and delight customers."
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Trust and Ownership
  3. Building Trust and Ownership
  4. Trust Tools
  5. Ownership Tools
  6. Business Alignment Tools
  7. Dealing Honestly with Ambiguity
  8. Tools to Deal with Walls
  9. Metrics
  10. Case Study