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The Agile Culture
Leading Through Trust and Ownership
by Pollyanna Pixton, Paul Gibson, and Niel Nickolaisen

About the Book
What do we want? Delighted customers. And how do we get that? Innovative, exciting products and services when our customers want and need them - that they will love to use!

Bring talented people together with a purpose to delight customers around shared ideas. Trust them. Help them take ownership. Then stand out of the way and let them do their work. Sounds easy but not many leaders are succeeding at this. Our models and tools help you make it happen; help you create a culture open to the possibilities of change, one that can respond quickly to customer needs and wants, one that is agile.

What's Covered
  • Trust-Ownership Model
    What does it look like if you don't have both? Failure, conflict or command and control - all states not optimal for results. You need both.

  • Building Trust and Ownership
    After a self assessment, we talk about how you move to a high trust-thigh ownership culture.

  • Tools
    We provide the tools for creating a culture of trust, ownership, alignment and dealing honestly with ambiguity and uncertainty. Here we include how to deal with the "walls" or barriers you might encounter.

  • Metrics
    How do you measure your success? What are good metrics, bad metrics and vanity metrics?

  • Case Study
    We end with a comprehensive case study which uses all the tools in this book.